“Neil’s guidance has been invaluable to my player development. In just a few months I’m already feeling a profound difference in how I approach each time out on the court. Not only do I experience more calm and peace but most importantly a greater sense of enjoyment.”

Harun Asad, USTA League & Tournament Player

“Neil coached me in Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology and it turned things around for me. Now I actually enjoy tight matches, and feel calm when the going gets tough. My results have improved a lot, and I’m loving my tennis more than ever.”

Rory Nolan, UK League Player

“Since training with Neil my mental approach to tennis has improved greatly because now I can refocus myself when I make a mistake or get aggravated.”

Grayce Unger, USTA Junior Tournament Player

“Neil has helped me break through my fear of competition, as well as my self-judgement, to find the riches that lie within the sport I love so much. By doing the exercises in his program regularly I’ve become more familiar with the emotions and thoughts that arise as I play and as a result I’ve become more comfortable with them. He’s also a lovely and calming influence overall.”

Lisa Ford, USTA League & Tournament Player

“The Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology course has helped me to concentrate easier and quicker on court.  I work with young tennis players who compete internationally. The course is helping them focus better too. They love doing the guided meditations. The course was very clear and easy to follow.”

Corinne Martin, Colombia

“I found Neil to be extremely patient and a great listener. The course opened my eyes to mindful thinking more widely and in tennis matches in particular. I found it extremely interesting and with practice the techniques can be very effective. All in all, highly recommended.”

Ian Woodthorpe, UK League & Tournament Player

“I’ve been using Neil’s meditations for a few months now and they have definitely made an impact. Mid-season of our city wide fixtures I was on an 8 game losing streak. I’d get so angry in singles and feel so cranky and hopeless. I ended up playing so stiff I felt like I was playing in treacle.

I’m not saying that the meditations work instantaneously – it’s a process.  But once I started the process I could see things start to turn around and I felt a lot better.

I feel calmer on the court and I have a few more tools to help me stay focussed and calm. I’m not perfect but I’m progressing.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it’s allowed me to try and be the best player I can.  I feel more confident to try things now and not be so focussed on the outcome – only the point I’m playing.

I think practising the meditation is as important as practising my serve or my forehand down the line. It’s all part of my whole tennis training.

I finished the last few weeks of the season with 3 wins from 4 games and in doubles we scraped into fourth spot and into the finals. We beat the first place team in the semi then went on to win the trophy!”

Tony, Australia, Tournament Player