Transform your game with one-to-one mental coaching via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp with Neil Endicott, founder of Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology.

My coaching service provides a tailored training program which will enable you to:

  • Deal effectively with nerves and pressure
  • Play the big points with confidence
  • Close out matches and eliminate choking
  • Overcome anger and frustration on court
  • Play as well in matches as you do in practice
  • Develop deep concentration and focus
  • Play in the zone more often
  • Maximize your enjoyment of the game

Neil helped me overcome my problems with nerves on court. Too often I’d get tense and overwhelmed at important moments. The mindful approach helps me accept all my thoughts and emotions, no matter how difficult, and refocus on my game. Now I’m calm when the pressure’s on, and it feels good!” Marie, USA.

By training in Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology you’ll be tapping into the latest sports psychology research which shows that sport-specific mindfulness training enables athletes to play in the zone more often and improve their concentration and accuracy.

Training with Neil has really helped me. I used to tighten up and get frustrated on court, often losing matches I should have won. Neil coached me in Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology and it turned things around for me. Now I actually enjoy tight matches, and feel calm when the going gets tough. My results have improved a lot, and I’m loving my tennis more than ever.” Rory, UK.

You’ll learn how to respond effectively to the difficult thoughts and emotions which are inevitable in a tennis match.

Neil’s guidance has been invaluable to my player development. In just a few months I’m already feeling a profound difference in how I approach each time out on the court. Not only do I experience more calm and peace but most importantly a greater sense of enjoyment.” Harun, USA.

I want you to fulfil your potential as a player. With mental training, you’ll never have to underperform again.

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